Professional Photoshop Filters

Full-featured professional audio editor with a plethora of filters and effects.
GoldWave Inc.
DCE Tools
DCE Tools Essentials bundle is a series of seven professional Photoshop plugins.
Filter Forge Freepack 2 - Photo Effects
A Photoshop plugin, a pack of filters that generate texturesand visual effects.
Filter Forge, Inc.

Professional Photoshop Filters

EZ Mask for Adobe Photoshop & Photoshop Elements
MindVision Software
Filters Unlimited
unlimited amount of filters in Photoshop.
Black Knight Software
Wix Filters Catalog
Wix Filters
HVC Color Composer - Professional Photoshop
HVC Color Composer - An unprecedented color selection tool.
Master Colors, LLC
RahmanImager Professional
Digital Image Processing with layers, filters, effects. Batch processing & Album.
Oriens Solution Inc.
Scarab Labs Star Filter DEMO for Photoshop
This tool is an plug-in for Photoshop that simulates star lens filters.
Scarab Labs
Plug-In Switch
Plug-In Switch was developed in order to help users disable Photoshop filters.
SVCfilter is a program designed to expedite the design and analysis of lowpass.
James L. Tonne.
It provides a set of professional artistic filters to create fun images.
VeBest Corp
StarFilter Pro
An 8BF Photoshop-style Filter Plug-in for quality image editors.
ProDigital Software

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Professional Photoshop Filters

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Professional
Adobe Systems Incorporated
DirectShow SDK
DirectShow capture and renderer filters for DekTec devices.
DekTec Digital Video B.V.
LAV Filters
It is a set of DirectShow filters that enables you to play various video files.
Hendrik Leppkes
It is a replacement for the Filter menu of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
The Plugin Site
It captures the sonic character and functionality of classic console equalizers.
AutoMagic Pro Photo Effects Gen1
It is a program that provides 43 Photoshop Filters and Plugins.
Auto FX Software
FXpansion Strobe2
Strobe2 is a professional app that allows you to mix audio files.
FXpansion Audio UK Ltd
u-he Diva
DIVA is a professional virtual analogue synthesizer.
Urs Heckmann
Glidden Professional Digital Color Palette for Photoshop CS5 - 3264bit
Akzo Nobel International BV